Making an impact with dispenser systems

On behalf of ADA Cosmetics

Hotels face increasing cost pressures, while simultaneously attempting to reduce their CO2 footprint. Nevertheless, they still want eye-catching and attractive cosmetics in their guest bathrooms. We show how it is possible to meet all these challenges at once.

Sustainability is a top agenda item for every hotel, and since the EU ban on single-use plastics, hotel bathrooms have also been put under the loupe. More and more frequently, modern dispenser systems are replacing mini-bottles of hotel cosmetics. But what are the criteria for selecting the right dispenser system? 

Motel One, a designer hotel in London, has very clear ideas about this. The hotel chain collaborated with ADA Cosmetics to adapt every detail of the system to the Motel One style. The pump dispensers – with labels in the group’s corporate design – are made of recycled plastic and therefore fully recyclable. Each dispenser is filled with a line of natural cosmetics developed to the hotel’s own specifications and certified by Ecocert and Cosmebio. “We wanted a solution that would be good for our customers and for the environment, with a visual impact that also clearly bears our stamp,” says Verena Ferner, Group CR & Sustainability Manager. Guest feedback has been so positive that the products can now be purchased for home use as well. 

This example shows the importance of a coherent overall image for the success of a dispenser system. At Motel One, everything is of a piece: the decorative shape of the environmentally friendly dispenser, which fits harmoniously into the overall bath ambience, as well as the natural cosmetics certified with well-known eco labels. Everything clearly signals a desire for the guest’s well-being as well as environmental responsibility. 

Dispenser systems also score high points for economic efficiency. Refilling open systems from bulk containers saves money – even with more cost-intensive ingredients, or formulations. Sealed systems such as SMART CARE from ADA Cosmetics, the inventor of dispenser systems for the hotel industry, even produce cost savings of up to 40 percent and more compared with mini-bottles.

Recycling for the environment. Time-saver for staff.

Dispenser solutions can now be found in almost two-thirds of hotels worldwide. Hotel chains, individual hotels, and luxury establishments use them as a means of reducing their environmental footprint. One of the most successful sealed systems is SMART CARE. It’s clear, modern design immediately catches the guest’s attention. The cartridges are made of non-toxic plastic and can be recycled after use. Overall, the system reduces plastic and liquid waste by up to 85 percent.

One important benefit of this system is its ease of use. One cartridge lasts for three to four weeks, and changing out cartridges takes only a few seconds. Cartridges are also easy to clean and disinfect. This drastically reduces the effort required by housekeeping staff – not an insignificant aspect, given the industry’s labour shortage.

Hygiene is another important factor when deciding on a dispenser system. Hygiene has always been a high priority in the hotel industry, of course, but guest safety requirements have increased dramatically since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic. The manufacturer of SMART CARE guarantees 100 % hygienic safety. The patented seal of the tamper-proof and theft-proof system reliably keeps germs out of the cartridge. Open dispensers, meanwhile, are filled in accordance with strict hygiene rules and are exchanged in specific cycles to ensure safety.

Inhouse branding for stand-alone look

Contemporary dispenser systems also offer ideal opportunities for inhouse branding. Whether one is running a business hotel, a family inn, or a five-star resort, achieving the desired effect for a dispenser relies upon a suitable interplay of material, form, colour, and surface design. The cosmetic product inside the dispenser is also at least as important. Hotels that place a premium on exclusivity should personalize their dispensers accordingly, using their own corporate design to make the dispensers unmistakable brand ambassadors for their business. Even exclusive perfume and design brands such as Lalique, Amouage, and Asprey, now offer their hotel cosmetics in dispensers so that hotels can give their guests an extra dash of glamour. More Information on www.ada-cosmetics.com

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