Brand experience: the magic is in the detail

By Pix Ashworth, founder of land&water

The importance of branding in hospitality and the role it plays in delivering a quality (and memorable) guest experience has long been known. Whether operating at the edgy or traditional end of the spectrum, hotels, restaurants, and bars the world over unite in the common faith that a strong brand builds connection and customer loyalty. 

Yet for something so universally acknowledged, execution isn’t easy to master. With so many parts adding up, any number of factors can throw things off balance.

Quite often, brands concentrate on the big things such as interior design, the logo or the website, and forget about the smaller details. Yet the finer details can be some of the most important in terms of surprising and delighting guests; they expect to be blown away by the wallpaper and to covet the soft furnishings, but discovering a new hand cream, with impressive credentials and a sustainable provenance, in the bathroom can be memorable.

From the design of rooms right down to the toilet paper, each and every touchpoint in a hospitality venue needs to reflect its brand values and ethos. It’s all about recognising that products are an extension of your brand.

Hotels should recognise that guests expect well considered products that chime with their experiences inside and outside at the hotel, as well as reflecting how they feel about the world, and a great deal of consideration goes into getting in-room products just right.

It’s not only the physical touchpoints that are so important; we treat each interaction a guest, or prospective guest, may have with our brand as a touchpoint, whether it’s during a guest stay, digital engagement or in print. 

Furthermore, careful attention is paid towards ensuring that all our partnerships reflect our brand values and ethos. Who you work with speaks volumes about your brand and we find our investment in getting this right is of great benefit, amplifying the hotel experience and enabling guests to connect long before and after their holiday. 

Committed to using the business for good on our journey towards BCorp accreditation, Watergate Bay Hotel works with brands which align environmentally and socially. It’s about curation as much as it is creation, artfully collaborating with like-minded brands to enhance offerings and strengthen brands.

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