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Staycation trend will boost UK economy by £15bn, says Travelodge

The ‘staycation trend’ is set to reach record levels this year with 74% of Britons holidaying domestically, according to a study by Travelodge

This is the fifth consecutive year of growth for the staycation trend, according to the 2014 Travelodge holiday index, and the UK is set to receive a welcome boost of £15bn, up £3.2bn from 2013, as holidaymakers increase their average spend to more than £430.

The annual holiday report surveyed 3,000 adults about their holiday plans for 2014 and key findings revealed that the number of Britons holidaying at home has more than doubled since 2011.

London and Cornwall topped the list for staycation destination. However the report found that 51% of Britons are taking lots of short breaks throughout the year, so they have a constant stream of holidays to look forward to rather than just one big break.

Just over a third of these people will take short breaks, 37% of people will enjoy three getaways and 12% will take four short holidays throughout the year.

The report also revealed a growing trend of Britons taking multi-location holidays, with 17% of holidaymakers taking multiple location trips during one holiday.

Other key findings revealed that the traditional seaside holiday is back in vogue with 40% of British holidaymakers taking a coastal break this summer. Top coastal destinations that Britons will flock to this summer include: Cornwall, Devon, Blackpool, Brighton, Scarborough, Bournemouth, Whitby, Skegness, Isle of White and Great Yarmouth.

Despite this, city breaks will still be popular with 37% of Britons choosing to stay in London, Edinburgh and York, three of the most popular city locations. In third place, 28% of holidaymakers are opting for rural breaks this summer with the Scottish Highlands and Lake District being the favourite destinations of choice.

Peter Gowers, chief executive at Travelodge, said: “2014 looks like being a year of the staycation. More of us than ever before are being inspired to get up and go and explore what Britain has to offer.

“At Travelodge, we’re seeing particularly strong demand from families and couples having multiple short breaks rather than the traditional fortnight. It all points to the fact that the nation’s desire for a great holiday is still with us, but more than ever, we’re all looking for great value and finding it here in the UK.”

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