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How to improve your hotel’s sustainability

With climate change looming in, many hotel owners are trying to find way to become more environmentally-friendly

The climate crisis has forced all industry sectors to implement strategies to reduce carbon emissions and promote efficient resource use. And with the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance recently releasing its latest pathway to net positive hospitality, here’s how to improve your hotel’s sustainability.

Conduct an Energy Audit

Conduct an energy audit to identify areas of your hotel that are consuming excess energy, such as HVAC systems, lighting, and appliances. Implement energy-efficient upgrades such as LED lighting and energy-efficient HVAC systems to reduce your hotel’s energy consumption.

Install Water-Saving Fixtures

Install low-flow showerheads, faucets, and toilets to reduce water usage in guest rooms and common areas. Encourage guests to reuse towels and linens to further reduce water usage.

Reduce Food Waste

Implement strategies to reduce food waste such as composting and food donation programs. Train staff to monitor food inventory and ordering to prevent excess food waste.


Reduce Single-Use Plastics

Implement strategies to reduce single-use plastics, such as using refillable soap dispensers instead of individual plastic bottles, and providing guests with reusable water bottles.

Use Sustainable Materials

Choose sustainable materials for your hotel’s construction, furnishings, and amenities. Choose materials such as bamboo or reclaimed wood for furniture, recycled or upcycled materials for decor, and environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

Encourage Sustainable Transportation

Encourage guests and staff to use sustainable transportation options such as public transit, bicycles, or electric vehicles. Provide charging stations for electric vehicles, and partner with local bike rental companies to provide guests with access to sustainable transportation options.

Support Local Communities

Support local communities by sourcing food from local farmers and suppliers and supporting local environmental organizations through donations or volunteer work.

Monitor and Track Progress

Monitor and track your hotel’s sustainability progress regularly. Set sustainability goals and track progress towards those goals. Use data to identify areas for improvement and adjust your sustainability strategy as needed.

Educate Staff and Guests

Educate staff and guests about your hotel’s sustainability initiatives and encourage them to participate. Provide information about your hotel’s sustainable practices in guest rooms, common areas, and on your website.

Participate in Sustainability Certifications

Participate in sustainability certifications such as Green Globe or LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) to demonstrate your hotel’s commitment to sustainability and attract environmentally conscious guests.

Sustainable practices not only benefit the environment but also attract environmentally conscious guests and can help reduce operating costs. By improving energy and water usage, you can improve your hotel’s sustainability as well as reduce your overall environmental impact.

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