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‘Sentimental’ wine collection stolen from Wirral hotel

A collection of “sentimental” wines and champagne was stolen from a Wirral hotel last weekend.

Merseyside Police say it received reports that two unknown and masked offenders broke into the cellar of Hillbark Hotel and Spa in the early hours of Sunday morning.

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Among the bottles stolen was a 1942 Perrier Jouet and Co, a 1971 Moet et Chandon and a 1988 Bollinger, among others. 

The hotel is now offering a £2,000 reward to anyone who can help to retrieve the “sentimental” collection.

In a statement, the hotel said: “We are deeply saddened to report that for the first time in 19 years, Hillbark Hotel & Spa was broken into.

“Last night we were targeted for the theft of many bottles of wine from our premises. Although we are disappointed to have any of our wines stolen, our biggest loss are a few specific bottles, which form part of Hillbark’s heritage.” 

It added: “To us, these are of high sentimental value and are irreplaceable. Some are unsuitable for consumption so would not be valuable to anyone else. We would like to request the help of anyone who may be able to assist us in recovering them. 

“If you have any information about the incident, the location of our wines or the individuals who broke into our hotel please contact the police.”

Amanda Jane Arends, general manager at Hillbark Hotel and Spa, said: “From a sentimental and historical point of view, we are absolutely devastated to have lost such a huge part of Hillbark Heritage, a number of these bottles are part of our history above anything else.

“For example the Perrier Jouet & Co 1942. Bottles that were produced and hidden in France during German occupation of WW2 and distributed in England after the war had ended, with collars stating ‘reserved for England’. A collection of bottles started over 30 years ago which is of sentimental value only to us.”

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