Accreditation scheme aims to help accelerate hospitality reopening plans

Over 1,250 hotels and accommodation providers across the country have already adopted the ‘Safe, Clean and Legal’ accreditation for cleanliness and safety to improve customer confidence in preparation of the lifting of lockdown measures, Quality in Tourism (QT) has revealed.

The scheme, which is “long established”, was created as a solution to differentiate between responsible operators compliant with regulation, and those that are not in the industry.

QT has revealed that the scheme has recently seen “renewed vigour” in response to the current pandemic, with 700 additional enquiries being processed.

SilverDoor, the Short Term Accommodation Association (STAA), Best Western Great Britain and the Hotel Booking Agents Association (HBAA) are just some of the industry leaders QT has said that have adopted the scheme.

QIT added that a recent survey it conducted found that 80% said it was “highly important” or “important” that any prospective property they visit in the future had a recognised accreditation for its cleaning.

It also said it hopes the further adoption of this scheme will allow the British tourism industry to re-open “quickly and safely” whilst giving the public the confidence to stay away from home.

Deborah Heather, QT director, said: “Our robust Safe, Clean and Legal accreditation scheme has been in operation since 2018 and is a proven tool that protects both guests and providers whilst driving accommodation standards. We have updated the scheme and introduced additional cleaning protocols surrounding Coronavirus to support the industry to re-open.

“Our accreditation scheme inspects accommodation providers against best practise guidelines and audits their application of new protocols, before being visited by a Quality in Tourism assessor and, if successful, awarding them with the marque that will reassure guests.”

She added: “The application of industry regulations remains inconsistent which is why we launched the accreditation scheme in 2018, but it has gained additional relevance following the Coronavirus outbreak.

“It is the only accreditation which includes a physical inspection and which does not award a marquee on the basis of self-certification by the accommodation provider.”

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