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Institute of Hospitality introduces toolbox to manage food allergens

The Institute of Hospitality has produced a ‘toolbox’ aimed at helping small and medium-sized businesses to comply with the new EU Food Information Regulation (FIR). 

The institute’s ‘FIR Toolbox’ contains useful templates that operators can print out and use as part of their everyday operations in order to comply with with the regulations, which will come into force on December 13.

Peter Ducker, chief executive of the Institute of Hospitality, said: “Large food service businesses are already prepared for this new legislation, but the majority of our industry is made up of SMEs who do not have the same resources as larger companies.”

“The new allergen information regulations have created a great deal of discussion and concern among hospitality operators because some aspects of the regulations are open to interpretation.

“However, we believe that compliance is easier than it appears. Even if you are a business that has taken little or no action so far, using the Institute’s 1-2-3 approach to managing food allergens will enable you to take the necessary steps to get ready.”

The use of the Institute’s 1-2-3 approach will guide hospitality managers and chefs through the compliance process in three easy-to-understand steps.

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