Five tips to entice more customers to your hotel post-Covid 19

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown the hospitality industry into chaos, effectively forcing hundreds upon thousands of hotels to rethink their future approach in order to get more customers booked in. 

After all, thanks to the strict quarantine rules surrounding travel to a number of countries, many hotels, AirBnBs and holiday home rentals have been left in the lurch as to how to get more reservations. 

However, now that the lockdown restrictions are slowly becoming less and less implemented, there is a newfound opportunity for the hospitality industry to recover and attract more guests through their doors. 

So, if you own a hotel or holiday rental, what can you do to stand out from the crowd and attract more customers? And how should you adapt your business to ensure it’s as COVID-secure for your guests as possible? 

Well, this article aims to answer both these questions and more, highlighting five of the best ways to keep your hotel business afloat both during the pandemic and beyond. 

  1. Utilise Marketing. 

If you haven’t already got a marketing strategy in place for your hotel, then you’re going to need to get one

Marketing can and should have been your best friend before the pandemic even kicked off but now it is more important than ever. 

Whether you decide to implement a bespoke social media strategy, devise a unique content plan or implement a paid advertising campaign, there are several things you can do to get your business seen by more people online. 

  1. Think About Safety. 

In light of the pandemic, safety is going to be at the top of many people’s priority lists so it’s important to you make clear to your customers exactly what you have done to combat the threat of infection. 

From putting a Pyrex screen up over the reception to placing hand sanitiser around the common areas to ensuring any annoying pests are properly dealt with, the government website has a lot of excellent advice as to how to keep your hotel as COVID-secure as possible. 

From your perspective as well, maintaining the health of you and your staff is imperative. So, it’s important to make hygiene an absolute priority when trying to entice more customers – from your hotel’s commercial kitchen to the guest’s rooms themselves. 

  1. Offer More Incentives. 

What better way is there to attract new customers than with a discount code or incentive or some variety? 

Whether it be a competition for a weekend’s free accommodation, a 20% discount code for loyal customers or a 10% discount for new customers who visit your website, it’s important to remind your customers of your business so that, when it comes to them booking a trip, your hotel will be at the front and centre of their mind. 

  1. Prioritise Guest Experience. 

Don’t forget about the importance of word of mouth. 

By trying even harder to ensure your guests have as great a time as possible during their stay, you will not only be more likely to receive a positive review from them but there will be a greater chance of them both telling others about their stay and giving you repeat business in the future. 

It’ll also make you feel a lot better too. After all, the better the level of service you can provide, the better you and your hotel will be seen as a result. Simple. 

  1. Make It Simple. 

Everyone everywhere loves to have ease and convenience so, if you run a hotel or B&B, why not give them exactly that? 

From making it easy to reserve their accommodation online to offering convenience during their stay, there are several things you can do to make the guest experience as seamless as possible. 

If, for example, you own a hotel in the city centre, provide your guests with information about the surrounding area so they can know what to see, where to eat and how to get around. Alternatively, offer your very own taxi or food-based services to make their experience even more convenient. 

Final Thoughts… 

The hospitality industry may have been badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, but it’s important for hotel owners not to lose hope. 

By utilising the advice listed above you can not only ensure your hotel stays afloat throughout the pandemic, but you could also actually implement a new, improved business strategy that attracts even more customers than you had before.

By guest writer Annie Button

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