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SPONSORED: Avon Data’s PMS Hotel Executive integrates with Premier Software

Hotel management software expert Avon Data has partnered with spa provider Premier Software to integrate their two systems.

Avon Data’s booking system Hotel Executive now integrates with Core by Premier Software (Core), so clients whose hotels boast spas and salons can develop a more streamlined efficient service.

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While Hotel Executive supports all hotel front of house and back office tasks, Core is the only single and multi-site business management software solution designed specifically for the spa, wellness and leisure industry.

Thanks to the integration, all bookings on Core will automatically be added to the relevant room bills on Hotel Executive.

Previously the spa bill would either have been presented separately at check-out or added manually to the room bill by hotel staff. So, the integration of the two systems saves hotel staff’s precious time and cuts out room for error while resulting in one bill for the guest at check-out.

Spas can account for 10% or more of a hotel’s revenue so it is unsurprising that so many are looking break into this market.

The global ‘wellness’ industry grew by 10.6% between 2013 and 2015 to about £3 trillion, with the global spa market making up £79.4 billion of this. Now Hotel Executive and Core have made it even easier for hotel spas to manage both sides of the business.

Leonie Wileman, chief operations officer at Premier Software, said: “Core’s integration with Avon Data enables spa and leisure managers to charge treatments and classes direct to a client’s room, events or ledgers removing errors and the need to input the information manually.

“As Core works in real-time, each transaction is transferred instantly and can be tracked by analysis code, making it easier for front of house and financial reporting.

“We are delighted to be working with Avon Data. Both systems work in partnership to deliver a business software management solution which continue to meet the changing needs of the hotel and leisure sector.”

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