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Celebrating 25 years of Hotel Perfect

Celebrating 25 years of achievements in 2017, hotel management software firm Hotel Perfect has gone from strength to strength since it was first founded in 1992. We sit down with managing director Andrew Risely to learn more about the business and its expectations for the future.

When was Hotel Perfect founded?

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Having grown up in a hospitality environment, I realised early on that the hotel industry was lacking a property management system PMS that could handle multiple aspects of the hotel and the receptionist’s duties in one programme. My vision was to design a piece of software that takes the traditional and manual processes of running a hotel and incorporates everything into a simple to use, multi-functional program. From my initial vision, Hotel Perfect was born. It took my team and I years of research, design and in-situ testing but in 1992 we finally built a software system that re-designed how hoteliers manage their hotels.

You are celebrating 25 years in business, tell us about that.

As we celebrate 25 years of providing leading solutions and services to the UK hospitality industry, we would like to extend our thanks and best wishes to our valued customers, supportive partners, loyal staff and understanding friends who have helped make this milestone possible. A lot has changed in 25 years.

Do you currently work with any independent hotels?

Our hotel management solution is specifically designed for the independent hotel operator and is modular so hoteliers can add to their suite of software as their business grows. With our core product being the PMS, we are able to fully integrate additional modules such as direct online bookings, hospitality EPoS, restaurant bookings, dynamic pricing, guest relationship management, marketing and much more. Our in-house developers are constantly working on new products, features and functionality ensuring that we stay ahead in the industry. Along the way we have also made strategic partnerships to enhance our offering and assist with global distribution of availability and rates which is now such a large part of our connectivity requirements. Our customer loyalty is exceptional, some of our clients have used our software to run their business for almost 20 years. We have seen technology change over this time, having been one of the first suppliers to develop a Windows based hotel management system back in 1992. We now deliver Hotel Perfect from the Cloud providing businesses with the next generation of hotel management system for our now always connected world.

What sets Hotel Perfect apart from its competitors?

Hotel Perfect is ever evolving with the help of our customers. The benefits of incorporating a customer-led development road map ensures we are always giving our customers an opportunity to tailor our software to better their business. Their input is scoped alongside our development to include natural trends in the hospitality industry. Our customer support team are all from hospitality backgrounds so understand the pains of running a hotel and are all based at our headquarters in Cornwall along with our development team, technical team and sales team. With the quality of our product and the quality of our service at the top of our priorities, customers are assured of a winning solution.

Where do you see Hotel Perfect, in say, five years’ time?

We already supply our software to some of the UK’s most luxurious independent hotels and resorts. With the steady growth of the business, and subsequently the team, we are aiming to expand our services to Europe in the next five years. With the in-house development team already working on exciting new features and integrations, we aim to keep our customers ahead of the game as we look forward to 2017.

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