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Many business owners worry about targeting the younger audience, tech savvy ‘millennials’ with time to spare and a hunger for experiences

Many business owners worry about targeting the younger audience, tech savvy ‘millennials’ with time to spare and a hunger for experiences. ACT Studios have been advising and delivering for clients in the hospitality industry on just that.
Ensuring they market the experience of their properties, using innovative and expert marketing packages comprising expert photography, 3D virtual reality experiences, and aerial location video capture. Brands understand today that just featuring a competitive rack rate is simply not enough.

Core to positioning your offering online is great photography. Capturing not just the space that guests will be occupying but covering the lifestyle of being there. As well as capturing the rooms, which we do beautifully, we look to identify signature images. Possibly a feature piece of furniture which when coupled with fresh cut flowers captures the character of a location or it could be a signature view.

The imagery captures the imagination of your potential guests and encourages them to really engage.

The killer marketing blow is then a fully immersive 3D virtual tour and interactive walk-through which can also be combined with bespoke online floorplans and layouts. These visuals will allow guests to examine the space in rich dynamic detail. Guests will feel what it is like to lounge in the bar and explore their suite. We have delivered and maintain over 1100 virtual tours for clients. Some 900 of which are for clients in the hospitality industry. We understand how to present hospitality spaces and deeply engage potential guests. Results show that incorporating these experiences into your web journey can increase dwell time by over 400%. Giving your potential guest an incredibly attractive picture of what staying with you holds.

As a nice and rather quaint example, we were asked to help market a tiny beach hut. The hut was new to the market and with the right digital assets and marketing it very efficiently sold out for 2018. We enjoy providing experiences for diverse hospitality venues and have now been asked to shoot luxury complexes and hotels through to ocean-going super yachts and even luxury tree houses.

“Bookings taken for 100% utilisation. A definite case of quality imagery, we’d rarely shared anything as popular on Social Media.”
James Norton, Marketing Director, Toad Hall.

Virtual reality tours can be created with minimal disruption and straightforward to install into your web journey. Regarding the 3D virtual reality experiences, ACT Studios utilise the latest technology platform by Matterport and help clients with each step of the process. We have only the best photographic artists to ensure that what we capture is the experience of being there. This is after all the experience economy.

In addition, if you occupy an advantageous location then combining beautifully edited aerial photography can really portray the benefits and the experience of staying with you.

Some of our clients have incorporated their marketing assets into their guest management process. Ensuring spaces are available online to any support staff with telephone access to guests, empowering telephone conversations and enabling staff to talk knowledgeably about the areas available to their guests.

ACT Studios was founded in 2015 and is a professional imaging company serving business clients in the hospitality industry and holidaymakers, nationwide in the UK and Wales. 

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