Which mattress suits your sleeping style?

Are you a log or a foetus?

With the variety of different sleeping positions out there, it goes without saying that there isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to finding the right mattress. Different positions require different features from a mattress. At Mattressman we are proud to say we know how to help you find which mattress suits your sleeping style best – take a look below at the six most common sleeping styles…

  • Foetus – this is a popular position where you curl up into a ball on your side with your arms towards your head, and legs tucked in. A soft, cushioned mattress will suit those who sleep in this position best as its providing you with the most support across your body.
  • Log – this position is where you sleep on your side with both arms down. As with the foetus position, a soft, cushioned mattress will provide you with the best support
  • Yearner – lying on your side with both arms sticking out, again, a soft, cushioned mattress, for example memory foam mattresses, will provide yearners with the best support.
  • Soldier – lying on your back with your arms by your sides. When lying on your back it’s important to keep your back supported, which is why a firm mattress will suit those who sleep in this position best.
  • Freefall – sleeping in standard skydive position, freefall sleepers lie on their stomach with their head turned to the side and arms under or around their pillow. Those who sleep in this position will want to avoid coil sprung mattresses as they are not designed to support the pressure points of your body, so you will be looking for a medium firm mattress to give you that all-important support.
  • Starfish – if you sleep flat on your back with your arms up by your head and legs slightly apart, you’re a starfish. Similar to the soldier style, lying on your back requires a level of support, which is why a firm mattress will suit you best.

Away from home and tried all of these positions to try and get comfortable in bed? Take a look at our recommendations below to help ensure you get the sleep you deserve.

Does the mattress sag? Why not use the extra pillows and blankets provided to support the sagging areas. This way you can reinforce the parts that are needed and make the mattress more comfortable for you.

If the mattress is too hard, don’t be scared to ask reception for a solution. Many establishments will have extra comforters or mattress toppers that they can add to the bed to make it more suitable for you. Or if you want the comfort of your home mattress with you whenever you travel, then you could purchase a foldable mattress topper to take with you when travelling.

Tight for space but still need that extra bit of support? Then why not ask for a rollaway bed? With this, you can take the lightweight mattress off and add it to the existing bed, doubling up on the comfort and hopefully leaving you to drift off into the perfect night’s sleep.

If you are still struggling to get comfortable, then don’t be scared to ask for a new room. Remember, a happy customer is more likely to return, so if they go over and above to help you then, in theory, you would be more likely to go back if you are in the area again, instead of somewhere else. Before you agree to the move, make sure someone shows you where you are relocating too, so you have a chance to assess for yourself whether it is an improvement to your current room.

So, which mattress suits your sleeping style?

No matter where you are, if you follow the advice from our sleep experts above, you are sure to get a good night’s sleep whether you’re at home or away. At Mattressman we have a range of wholesale and trade mattresses available to suit all kinds of sleepers, so you can ensure you have happy customers, no matter what sleep team they are on.

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