Airbnb continues to thrive despite attempts to restrict platform

The hospitality service Airbnb has continued to grow despite many countries’ efforts to restrict its use, research has found.

The global real estate advisor Colliers International and hotelschool The Hague conducted the study which revealed guests continue to book Airbnb accommodations in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid and Paris, even with the introduction of legislation in 2017 restricting hosts to let their guests stay for more than 90 days in their homes.

The data gathered does not show whether hosts in London comply with the municipality’s regulation.

Research found market share in the overnight stay market grew up to 3.4% since 2016, with London leading the increase from 5% to 6.9%, followed by Paris (13.4% to 15.2%), Amsterdam (10.7% to 11.8%), Berlin (5.3% to 6.5%) and Madrid (6.7% to 10.1%).

London was found to be the leading market for overnight Airbnb stays with 6,703,337 overnight stays (45% growth compared with 2017), with Westminster, Tower Hamlets and Camden as the three most popular boroughs among Airbnb travellers.

The head of EMEA research at Colliers International, Damian Harrington, said: “Several cities have introduced legislation for Airbnb over the past few years. In Berlin, hosts were prohibited to offer an entire home on the platform since May 2016.

“In London, a rule was introduced that enabled hosts to let out their home for a maximum of 90 days per year. Similar legislation was introduced in Amsterdam, but here the maximum number of nights was limited to 60.”

He added: “Although the data can’t clearly state whether hosts adhered to these rules, it does show that none of these cities were able to limit Airbnb growth in their respective cities. Madrid and Paris have recently announced that legislation will be introduced, but the effect of the new regulations is questionable.”

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