Turning your hotel website into a profit machine with a single partner for all your digital needs

With the aim of developing direct sales and maximising revenue, Blastness equips hospitality businesses with the necessary technologies and strategies to excel in digital markets.

Increasing direct bookings is a primary goal for hoteliers. More sales from the official website lead to lower costs and higher profit margins. To best address the digital needs of hotels, it is beneficial to partner with a company that manages not only the technological platforms for e-distribution but also revenue management and digital marketing.

This is why Blastness has incorporated technologies to maximise the return on investment of digital channels and a team of revenue management experts who support each hotel’s growth plan step by step. They act as an in-house development and support department for online operations, with extensive expertise in digital marketing, enabling hotels to launch pay-per-click campaigns on search and metasearch engines without risks or fixed costs. All this, with an additional benefit of defining a business development plan which allows you to eliminate risk by paying for technologies and services in relation to performance growth.

Blastness supports over 1000 customers in Italy and abroad with its innovative business model and integrated approach to e-distribution, encompassing boutique properties, resorts and city hotels. Numerous success stories attest to the growth achieved by hotels partnering with Blastness.

For instance, The Art Inn Lisbon and Seattle hotels experienced 33% and 34% growth in direct bookings from their official websites within one year of collaboration. Over the past three years, The Village Boutique Hotel and Spa in Malta has quadrupled its direct bookings, achieving a 31% market share from its official website, compared to 40% from Booking.com and 29% from other OTAs. In 2023 alone, this hotel saw a 22% growth in direct bookings, surpassing the 8% growth of OTAs.


With the aim of developing direct sales and maximising revenue, Blastness equips hospitality businesses with the necessary technologies and strategies to excel in digital markets. From website creation to revenue consulting, Blastness’ strategy leverages the strengths of each distribution channel, with a particular emphasis on the hotel’s own sales channel. This approach helps hotels increase direct bookings and reduce their reliance on OTAs without sacrificing visibility.

Additionally, the company promotes profitable activities such as pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns on search and metasearch engines. These campaigns are particularly advantageous for accommodation providers, as they only pay for the bookings generated by online advertising. This method has proven effective in boosting direct bookings year after year. For example, from 2018 to 2023, the five-star Hotel Parco dei Principi in Rome saw a 70% increase in bookings via its official website. Both organic and paid bookings have grown steadily, ensuring higher profit margins for the hotel.

Moreover, as PPC campaign-generated bookings increase, organic bookings often rise due to the “billboard effect.” Exposure to a hotel’s PPC ads enhances overall visibility and brand awareness, leading potential customers to return to the hotel’s website through organic search to make reservations. This underscores the importance of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that starts with a conversion-oriented website design, includes SEO activities, and culminates in paid advertising to enhance booking performance and maximise revenue opportunities.

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