Premier Inn to open second Jersey hotel

Premier Inn is to open a second hotel in St Helier, Jersey following an agreement with property investment and development company Le Masurier.

The 122 room hotel is part of he proposed £70m Bath Street redevelopment. St Helier’s second Premier Inn is expected to create 35 new jobs and accommodate 40,000 overnight stays in Jersey, with the potential to attract annual visitor spend of £1.6m.

Brian McCarthy, managing director, Le Masurier, said:  “Our Bath Street Redevelopment represents a significant £70m investment in St Helier, helping with the much-needed regeneration of the north of town and boosting tourism and business. In addition, the impressive new residential units will help to meet the demand for housing that the Island has, and St Helier specifically.

”We are delighted to partner with Whitbread in bringing a second Premier Inn to Jersey. Despite the whole Brexit uncertainty, this demonstrates Le Masurier’s confidence in investment in Jersey and also Whitbread’s confidence in the Island – and follows the success of their first Premier Inn at Charing Cross. I believe that this is a real success story for Jersey and will provide a host of social and economic benefits.”

Jacqui Allum, head of estate development at Whitbread, said: “We’re excited to sign an agreement to lease to bring a second Premier Inn to Jersey less than a year after opening our first on the Island. Jersey is a relatively new market for Premier Inn and our confidence to invest further in the Island has been underpinned by the strong performance of our Charing Cross hotel.

“Since opening in July 2018, the Charing Cross Premier Inn has consistently achieved above average occupancy rates and positive guest feedback. This strong performance, along with the high level of interest from our customers searching for Jersey on the website, has encouraged us to partner with Le Masurier and invest in the Bath Street site.”

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