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Institute of Hospitality launches pilot mentoring scheme in London and Yorkshire

The Institute of Hospitality (IoH) is inviting participants to take part in a pilot mentoring scheme in London and Yorkshire.

The Institute has thousands of members at all stages of their careers, from students up to the CEOs of global companies. It said: “Mentoring is an excellent method of sharing knowledge and skills across generations.”

Chief executive Peter Ducker FIH added: “This scheme provides a great welcome to new hospitality professionals at the start of their careers. It shows that we – as their professional body – support them at a time when they’re still finding their way. It’s a great opportunity too for existing and experienced managers to nurture the next generation, share their knowledge and increase their own personal skills.”

People 1st estimates that between 2013 and 2020, 133,720 managers and senior executives will be required in the UK’s hospitality and food service industry to replace retirements and to accommodate expansion – about 19,000 per year.

The six-month pilot programme is “specially tailored to blend an informal mentoring experience with just enough structure to guide and facilitate learning for both leaders and budding managers”. The IoH stressed: “Involvement in the programme will require a level of commitment, trust and professionalism from both mentors and mentees.”

During the six-month period, it is estimated that mentors will commit to about 15 hours and mentees will need about 25 hours.

For more information and to register your participation visit:

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