The importance of a strong mobile signal in hotels

When pondering about the services to offer at your hotel, basics like high-quality bedding, teas and coffees in the room, professional and friendly staff are more likely to come in mind. However, many hotel owners or managers tend to overlook mobile signal, an essential aspect in this day and age.

Mobile signal is an essential element in any modern hotel. Travellers, particularly business people, usually rely on their phones for communications. Landlines can be helpful, but in this digital age, they are less than appealing for hotels considered to be top of the line. Hotels like Starwood and Hilton have already taken note of the presence of smartphones everywhere and have implemented keyless, digital check-in options, thus allowing individuals to access their rooms through a mobile app.

This eliminated the burden of having to queue the check-in line, especially for regular customers. It’s small perks like these that make travellers opt for your hotel every time they are in the city.

If you lack a strong mobile signal in your hotel, then using such applications becomes a bit frustrating as individuals will be forced to use the hotel’s Wifi network in order to utilise the app. There’s also the fact that the guests will have a hard time making and receiving calls once they are inside. It’s also worth noting that some individuals prefer using their own data for a more secure connection. Don’t forget that your employees will need ideal mobile connectivity for their tasks as well.

Many hotel owners and managers tend to think that having excellent Wi-Fi connectivity is enough. Although guests like to have Wi-Fi to properly enjoy their stay, having ideal cellular and data signal ascertains they have the freedom to connect in a manner that suits their needs. You can make calls and browse with Wifi, but most business travellers prefer cellular for more control and convenience.

Fortunately, ensuring that your hotel has good cellular signal is as easy as installing a booster on the premises. There is a wide array of mobile signal boosters, and they are not only reliable and affordable but ideally easy and straightforward when it comes to installation.

Why cellular signal and Wifi are essential

When it comes to running a hotel, both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity are essential. It is not an either-or situation.

Wifi is mostly reliable and tends to be an excellent option for most people. However, it is not always the ultimate solution for some travellers. Usually, the guests will need to connect to a Wifi hotspot, open a browser, fill some information and then accept the terms and conditions.

This isn’t an issue for some individuals, but some find it a hassle and others, particularly business people, don’t like using public Wi-Fi mostly due to privacy and security issues.

Also, very few will opt for Wi-Fi when making calls. Most individuals are used to cellular when making calls, and so, a weak signal at the hotel will only be a drag.

Most travellers have unlimited cellular data plans, and it makes things easier for them while on the go. So, if you run a hotel, proper mobile connectivity should be a priority.

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