SPONSORED: How to prepare your hotel for spring

It’s getting to that time of year again, the days are getting longer and plants are blooming. But how should you prepare your hotel for spring? It’s good to have a different atmosphere at different times of the year and to mix things up a little, offering a completely different look to your customers. 

Below Skyline Design, the leading outdoor designer furniture providers have listed a range of ways to prepare your hotel for spring.

Set your patio or garden up with outdoor furniture

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Setting your patio or garden up with outdoor furniture is essential. It gives your garden a beautiful and welcoming feel, allowing your customers to enjoy the sunshine and breeze. You can opt for a Chester round four seat dining set which enables your guests to dine outside, or why not make your hotel stand out by purchasing a sun lounger? Then your guests really will feel like they’re on holiday.

Choose a different colour scheme for your walls


Transform your hotel with bright, vibrant colours. You don’t want the same old dark winter colours in your hotel rooms – after all this is where visitors will spend a lot of their time as it’s what they’ve paid for. Opt for aqua blue or minty green. It doesn’t cost a lot to restyle your hotel, all you need is a little paint, brushes and a few rollers.

Invest in spring air fresheners


Air fresheners don’t cost a large amount. The Maxima air freshener spring fresh is an excellent choice. Or you can choose the Air Wick life scents premium room spray in turquoise oasis. Febreze in Caribbean paradise is another great option.

Launch a new menu for spring


Why not launch a new menu for spring or summer? This will give your regular guests a change. Celebrate the ingredients that spring has to offer. Salmon with asparagus usually goes down well, as well as spring vegetables with lemon and chive sauce, for dessert you can have meringues. You can advertise your new menu on your website, knowing that food lovers will be extremely pleased.

Provide spring offers


Offers are eye-catching, after all who doesn’t like a good bargain? Why not have spring offers that people can’t refuse? Offer a free dining experience for guests who stay with you, or a wedding package deal to a newly married couple, supplying them with a free bottle of champagne on arrival. These are the types of things that will set your hotel apart from others.

All these small changes are vital to customer reviews and their time spent at your hotel, so spending a little time and money makes a huge impact to the success of your hotel.

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