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Considerate Hoteliers and Hotel Owner announce new editorial partnership for sustainability awareness

Hotel Owner and sustainability consultants for the hotel industry, Considerate Hoteliers, have teamed up to help hoteliers understand how they can reduce their environmental impact – whilst saving money.

Leaning on data and hard evidence collected through Considerate Hoteliers’ ‘Con-Serve’ offering, the series of articles will seek to demonstrate – using real-world examples – how hoteliers can identify and address problems with their energy use water consumption and waste disposal practices.

Michael Northcott, editor of Hotel Owner said: “It can be tough getting people to sit up and take notice of sustainability when hotels present so many other concurrent challenges for their owners.

“With this series we are hoping to show readers that with a bit of lateral thinking – and with the help of Considerate Hoteliers – there are some simple ways to tweak their business and reduce their environmental impact, and reduce costs while they’re at it.”

Considerate Hoteliers’ business development director, Benedetta Cassinelli, who is also a partner in the business, added: “In the last 18 months we have guided a number of hotels and groups in collecting good quality environmental data. We are now seeking to drive transparency within the industry not only by encouraging more monitoring but also by sharing this data with the industry to drive best practice.”

The series begins in the October issue of Hotel Owner and will be published throughout the fourth quarter both in print and online.

[box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””]If you are planning to improve your hotel in terms of sustainability, Considerate Hoteliers offers a suite of services designed to help you understand your hotel and make changes intelligently. Visit www.consideratehoteliers.com to find out more.[/box]

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