Hotel sites ‘misleading’, say UK travellers, urge more AI investment

Travellers also felt they had too much choice

More than a quarter of UK holidaymakers say website images of resorts and locations are ‘misleading’, and want to see the travel sector invest in artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the booking process.

A survey by mobile technology group, Apadmi, found that 29% of UK travellers felt they were not getting accurate representations of accommodation, whereas 27% said they thought there was too much choice when deciding where to go.

Consumers also said there wasn’t enough detail about the hotels and destinations listed on travel brochures and websites.

The survey suggested that because travellers didn’t know what to expect from their trip or whether it will suit their tastes, they struggled to find the ideal destination.

Apadmi surveyed 1,000 people who have taken a holiday in the last 12 months, and found that 56% of travellers also had a hard time comparing prices for different holiday packages, and figure out exactly what they get for the price.

For 28% of Brits booking their holidays, travel brochures and websites do not make the choice any easier.

A fifth (21%) of consumers are now calling on travel agents to invest in AI innovations to help simplify booking options and provide tailored suggestions through the use of a series of qualifying questions and existing customer data.

Nick Black, CEO of Apadmi, said: “It can be tricky to search for a holiday unless you have a specific destination in mind – you might know you want a relaxing break or a city getaway, but how do you know which resorts offer the right facilities and accommodation that will suit you?

“Often this requires a lot of research by the customer, comparing different options, discounts and websites. This is a lengthy and overwhelming process, and as our research suggests, travel agents can, and should, help solve this conundrum.”

He added: “Our report found that holidaymakers are increasingly looking for travel providers who give them a more personalised service to help narrow down their options. AI is the most effective way to do this. Embracing this technology would remove many of the irrelevant travel suggestions many customers are currently presented with in the mass-market travel sector.”

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