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The Onich Hotel denies allegations of staff eviction

The Onich Hotel in Fort William has denied allegations regarding the eviction of foreign staff members, after a Facebook post published by a member of staff accused management of kicking live in employees out of the premises due to Covid-19 restrictions. 

In a statement posted on the hotel’s Facebook page, management said it is “committed to looking after the wellbeing of all staff” and confirmed that they will continue to provide accommodation for employees who are in need of it.

It is understood that the allegations arose after the hotel revealed it will have to close on the 25 December to comply with new Covid guidelines for Scotland

Onich management said: “We were shocked to read the allegation on Facebook about the treatment of foreign staff at our hotel.

“We are closing the hotel for guests at midnight on the 25 th (as per the guidelines) and informed the guests that they have to vacate the premises on or before that day.”

They added: “The on-site management briefed the staff on the above and was not meant for staff who are on-site. It is worth noting that we did keep foreign staff who had nowhere to go during the last lockdown in March while the hotel was closed and looked after them.”

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