Yorkshire consultancy wins Hotel Interior Design of the Year

Rachel McLane Ltd picked up the accolade at the Northern Design Awards 2020

Rachel McLane Ltd, an interior design consultancy firm, has won Hotel Interior Design of the Year at the Northern Design Awards 2020.

The firm, which won the award over the holiday season, was recognised for its work on the refurbished boutique hotel The Bike & Boot, which opened last summer and included the design and fit-out of 65 bedrooms.

Among the panel of judges at the award ceremony were designers, George Bond, Linda Barker, Wayne Hemingway and Nick Munro.

Rachel McLane, the firm’s founder, has been a Northern Design Awards finalist four times

McLane said: “This award marks many years of hard work and investment in business
development including staff, skills, services and training.

“This award not only gives us greater credibility and shows confidence in the
work of the Rachel McLane team, it affirms that our designs are of the highest calibre
and that we know what we’re doing.”

She added: “In what has been a very difficult year, winning the award also shows we have
the business systems and people in place to enable us to push on and accomplish a
challenging project.”

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