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IoH debuts ‘Future Forum’ to address industry inclusion issues

Kelly Staunton, MIH and chair of the IoH Future Forum, said it is important that the industry employs a ‘diverse workforce’ and reflects the society in general

The Institute of Hospitality (IoH) has released its first ‘Future Forum’ to address disability, diversity and inclusion issues across the hospitality industry.

IoH said with the vision to “develop strategies that promote and nurture education” around the diversity of talent and inclusion across the organisation and the wider hospitality industry, the Forum is a “prestigious” line-up of hospitality professionals.

The organisation also said the Forum considers that there is an “urgent need” for employers to recognise all types of disability, including invisible ones and have started work with momentum to gather information from IoH members and across the industry.

The Forum will look to meet specific strategic diversity and inclusion objectives to tackle issues around: leadership, learning and development, physical environment adjustments; retention, customers, procurement and communication and technology.

IoH will also provide a disability and diversity checklist for employers.

Kelly Staunton MIH and chair of the IoH Future Forum, said: “I am delighted to be chairing such an important group for the IoH and working alongside such talent. This Forum has a great deal to cover in helping move the issue of disability, diversity and inclusion into the mainstream.

“It is important that the industry employs a diverse workforce and reflects the society in general and then shares best practices. It is also crucial that our employees are properly trained, and we break down some of the barriers that stop people from being employed if it’s perceived to fall into the ‘too difficult category’.”

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