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How to best train front of house staff

With the right training, front of house (FOH) employees can learn how to master skills and policies in an efficient and timely manner.

In the field of hospitality, staff in any restaurant are expected to be made up of friendly employees who can address and provide high-quality customer service and customer complaints. With the right training front of house (FOH) employees can learn how to master skills and policies in an efficient and timely manner. Here are some tips on how to best train new FOH:

Provide a detailed job description: A detailed job description is essential for new front of house staff. It should clearly outline their roles, responsibilities, and expectations. This helps to set the stage for the training process and gives the new staff member a better understanding of their role within the hotel.

Use a structured training program

A structured training program is crucial to ensure that the new staff member receives consistent and comprehensive training. This could involve a mix of on-the-job training, shadowing experienced staff, and online or classroom-based training. By using a structured program, you can ensure that all necessary topics are covered and that the new staff member feels confident in their role.

Focus on customer service

Customer service is a critical part of front of house staff roles. As such, it is important to train new staff on how to provide excellent customer service. This could include training on communication skills, handling customer complaints, and resolving conflicts. By focusing on customer service during the training process, you can help to ensure that guests receive a positive experience when interacting with your staff.


Train on hotel amenities and services

Train new staff on hotel amenities and services, so they can provide accurate and helpful information to guests. This could include training on room features, hotel facilities, and local attractions. By providing this training, new staff members will be better equipped to help guests with their needs and provide a better overall experience.

Provide product knowledge training

Providing product knowledge training can be especially important for front of house staff in a hotel restaurant or bar. This training should cover the menu items, preparation methods, and recommendations for wine pairings. By providing this training, you can help to ensure that staff members can make knowledgeable recommendations and provide a better dining experience for guests.

Use role-playing exercises

Role-playing exercises are an effective way to help new staff members practice their skills and build confidence. For example, you could have staff practice greeting guests or handling difficult situations. These exercises can help staff members to become more comfortable with their role and provide a better experience for guests.

Provide ongoing training and support

Ongoing training and support are critical to ensure that new front of house staff continue to improve and develop their skills. This could involve refresher training, mentoring, and coaching. By providing ongoing training and support, you can help staff members to feel more comfortable in their roles and better equipped to handle any situation that arises.

These tips will definitely help FOH staff to be more confident and offer a great customer service.

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