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How to prepare your hotel for the summer weather

With summer only a few months away, we provide some handy tips on how to best prepare your hotel for the summer weather

Although many parts of the UK woke up to snow this week, there’s no denying that summer is only months away. It’s important to keep your guests and staff comfortable and safe when the temperature starts rising, as well as make the most of the sunny summer months. Here, we give you some top tips on how to best prepare for the summer: 

Ensure Proper Air Conditioning

Proper air conditioning is essential for keeping guests cool and comfortable during the summer months. Schedule maintenance for your air conditioning units to ensure they are working efficiently and replace filters as needed. Consider upgrading to newer, more energy-efficient systems to save on energy costs.

Prepare Outdoor Spaces

Summer weather means more guests spending time outdoors. Make sure your outdoor spaces are prepared for guests by providing shade, comfortable seating, and outdoor fans or misting systems to keep guests cool. Make sure the landscaping is well maintained, and that any outdoor amenities such as pools, BBQ areas or outdoor sports facilities are clean and functional.

Provide Sun Protection

Protecting guests from the sun is important during the summer months. Provide sunscreen in guest rooms or at the front desk, and offer complimentary sun hats or parasols for guests to use around the pool or outdoor areas.


Offer Summer Activities

Providing summer activities for guests is a great way to keep them entertained and engaged. Consider offering activities such as outdoor movie nights, pool parties, or outdoor fitness classes to keep guests entertained during their stay.

Adjust Menu and Beverages

Summer weather means guests will be looking for lighter, more refreshing food and beverage options. Adjust your menu to include summer-inspired dishes such as salads, cold soups, and grilled seafood. Offer refreshing summer cocktails and mocktails made with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Schedule Pest Control

Summer weather can bring an increase in pests such as mosquitoes, flies, and ants. Schedule regular pest control services to prevent infestations and keep guests comfortable during their stay.

Prepare for Emergency Situations

Summer weather can also bring severe weather such as thunderstorms or heatwaves. Make sure your hotel has an emergency plan in place for such situations and that staff are trained in emergency procedures. Consider installing emergency power generators to keep essential systems running during power outages.

Keep Staff Cool and Comfortable

It’s important to keep staff cool and comfortable during the summer months to ensure they can provide the best service to guests. Provide staff with access to cool water, break rooms with air conditioning, and adequate breaks to prevent heat exhaustion.

By following these tips, you can prepare your hotel for the summer weather and ensure that guests have an enjoyable and comfortable stay. Offering summer activities, refreshing food and beverage options, and protecting guests from the sun are just a few ways to enhance the guest experience during the summer months.

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