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RBH offers ‘souvenir amnesty’ for light fingered hotel guests

Independent hotel management company, RBH, is giving past guests the chance to “come clean” and return items they’ve ‘borrowed’ from hotel rooms over the years.

The ‘souvenir amnesty’ will take place throughout the summer, with customers being encouraged to hand in their ill-gotten gains “guilt and consequence free”. For every ‘souvenir’ returned to participating hotels RBH will donate £1 to the worthwhile causes such as Make-A-Wish UK and NSPCC.

The hotel group has released details of the top items that regularly go missing from its hotels, and the more exotic souvenirs that guests have ‘accidently’ taken home with them.

The top five most commonly pinched items are towels, pens, mugs, teaspoons and remote controls. However, some missing items are more unusual, including light bulbs, beer taps, DJ lighting, potted plants, a bejewelled Christmas Reindeer statue and a life sized display mannequin.

Mary Curtin, group accommodation services manager at RBH, said: “Guests occasionally do like to help themselves when they are staying in our hotels, with towels and mugs the real favourites for ‘borrowing’. Every now and again though we do get a surprise, when some of the larger or quirkier fixtures and fittings are carried out from under our noses.

“It will be interesting to see what is returned over the coming months. We do notice a lot of the items taken, especially if it’s a life sized mannequin or bejewelled reindeer, however I’m sure the amnesty will throw up a few more surprises for the hotel teams.”

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