Crerar Hotels launches ‘Scottish Hospitality for Heroes’ scheme

Privately owned Scottish hotel company Crerar Hotels has announced the launch of ‘Scottish Hospitality for Heroes’ scheme. 

The hotel said this initiative will give the public an opportunity to express their gratitude to the heroes within the NHS that “continue to work tirelessly throughout the Covid-19 crisis”.

Once the lockdown has been lifted the company will announce a chosen weekend when all of its Crerar sites will be exclusively given over to the NHS, care workers and their families. Every Crerar Hotel will give every bedroom, executive room and suite for the duration.

In addition to the free stay, dinner and breakfast will also be gifted to residents. 

Across Crerar Hotels said over that weekend there will be close to 2,000 NHS workers and family enjoying a “night away” on Scottish hospitality.

Crerar Hotels CEO, Chris Wayne-Wills said: “We are determined to make this as big a thank you as we can. Already we have been really encouraged by the reaction of the loyal Crerar guests we have contacted to ask that their bookings get moved to free up the availability we need (date can only be confirmed after lock down lifted). 

“Every single one has said yes and more – many turning their deposit into a donation to help the big thank you. Of course, for those that do this we will make sure in every room given through that kindness there’s a wee something extra, and a letter of gratitude is left for the NHS/Carer hero on behalf of the Crerar guest that has gifted it.”

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