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STAA Trusted Stays scheme to provide key worker accommodation

The UK Short Term Accommodation Association (STAA) has announced a Trusted Stays initiative that will provide NHS staff and other key workers with accommodation during a second wave of Covid-19.

Roughly 1,000 properties in London, Manchester, and Edinburgh are now available for bookings as an effective continuation of the NHS Homes scheme that took place earlier this year.

The NHS Homes scheme involved over 30 property companies who donated accommodation worth over £20m during the six-month period commencing in March.

STAA, however, “recognised the need went beyond NHS workers” and now aims to provide accommodation to a wider audience of key workers.

The discounted stays will be available on a single website, helping to easily support those who “continue to work through this pandemic and beyond”. 

Merilee Karr, chair of the STAA, said: “We took many learnings from setting up that scheme [NHS Homes] and because we already have the infrastructure, cleaning protocols and accreditation in place, the Government and NHS workers trust us to provide the appropriate accommodation. 

“By staying in safe and clean accommodation, key workers won’t have the worry of a daily commute on public transport and will be able to protect vulnerable family members by staying in a separate, self-contained property.”

Trusted Stays has partnered with short-term accommodation firms across the country, including Skyes Cottages and UnderTheDoormat.

Graham Donoghue, CEO of Skyes Cottages, said that the company is “in a position to provide quality accommodation in homes for NHS and other key workers as their needs arise”.

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