First recipient of the HOSPA Paragon Award revealed

HOSPA’s head of education Debra Adams is the recipient of the first ever HOSPA Paragon Award for outstanding and exemplary work in the field of hospitality finance, revenue management and IT.

Adams was honoured for her achievements in education for the British Association of Hospitality Accountants (BAHA) and its successor HOSPA and the efficient and inspirational way in which she has managed the Association’s membership services.

Chief executive of HOSPA Carl Weldon remarked: “The Oxford Dictionary’s definition of a ‘Paragon’ is a flawless diamond; and the title is used figuratively to denote a model of excellence or perfection. Debra Adams is, and has been, such an exemplary model for first BAHA then HOSPA. So it is with great pleasure that HOSPA has chosen Debra to be the first recipient of this very special, prestigious award.”

Debra Adams commented: “I am overwhelmed and delighted to receive this award from HOSPA. I would like to share the recognition with my team at arena4finance – all of whom have contributed significantly to the success of BAHA then HOSPA, and our associated projects.”

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