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Newcastle hotel rebranded to EasyHotel in ‘under an hour’

Establishment was open for business the same morning

EasyHotel has taken over Newcastle’s Tune Hotel, in what they claim is the “fastest hotel rebranding of all time”.

The international hotel chain moved in during the morning, and says it was ready to open in time for the day’s new customers.

The 104-bedroom property opened in 2014 and is located centrally between the City Centre and the Quayside, with only eight-minute walk to Newcastle Central Station.

Jorge Rodriguez, marketing manager, said: “This is a great hotel, in a fantastic location and we are delighted to be able to have the doors open so quickly.”

He added: “For now, though, we look forward to providing our trademark welcome: simple, stylish rooms at super budget prices to enable our customers to keep their cash in their wallets and spend it on a great time out on the Toon.”

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