RenFree: Commercial solar carports for hoteliers at no capital cost

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Consumers are making greener choices, with research* showing sharp year-on-year increases in the adoption of more sustainable lifestyles, whilst government initiatives are contributing to the exponential adoption of electronic vehicles. Hospitality businesses need to save energy costs and make progress on their sustainability commitments. It’s clear that the need for solar energy and EV charging points will only increase. But how can businesses afford to meet this growing demand?

RenEnergy has a finance solution for hotels and other businesses that want to transition to solar energy and EV charging, but who do not necessarily have access to the capital. Introducing RenFree as a solution, where your business can gain all the benefits of solar PV, without any of the upfront capital investment.

“How is that possible?” you may be wondering

With RenFree, RenEnergy will finance and install solar carports on your existing open carpark. Your business purchases the electricity generated by the carports from RenEnergy at a lower-than-market rate – to be used to charge EV’s, or for use in your business. This provides a very real competitive advantage – saving you money, helping you to attract customers and adding to your employee value proposition. 


Don’t worry if it seems a bit complicated. Our renewable energy consultants will work with you to design a custom solution for your carpark, for maximum energy yield and minimal disruption. And with by far the majority of our clients, not one parking space is sacrificed. They will also cover the RenFree agreement with you to answer all your questions – it includes details such as an option for you to buy the solution from us, that it’s transferrable in case the building is sold and what services you can expect from us.

You may be eligible if: 

  • Your business has an existing uncovered car park of 10 bays or more
  • The carpark is unshaded by for example, buildings or trees
  • You want to save on your energy costs
  • You have staff or customers that need to charge their EV’s 
  • Your customers are increasingly making choices based on product and service suppliers’ commitment to the environment 

RenEnergy has solid experience in a variety of environments, we’ve even built a planeport! We’ve been developing our bespoke frames and technology applications over years and have successfully installed car parks at clients such as Cranfield University, Aviva, various county councils and leisure facilities. We would love to talk to you about RenFree and whether it could be a good fit for your premises. 


Phone us on 01603713448

Email info@renenergy.co.uk

Go to www.renenergy.co.uk/finance to find out more about RenFree 

(*Source: https://www2.deloitte.com/uk/en/pages/consumer-business/articles/sustainable-consumer.html)

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