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Glasgow hotel demand set to increase ahead of Commonwealth Games

Hotels in Glasgow are enjoying significantly increased demand as the city prepares to host the Commonwealth Games later this month. 

Booking website Expedia said the growth as a direct result of “the biggest sporting and cultural event in Scotland’s history”, and that its figures show travel demand to Glasgow was up almost 20% in the last week of June, compared to the same period last year.

Even before the event begins, international demand has been particularly strong for Glasgow, with visitors booking from traditional markets as well as emerging economies.

The top international feeder markets for the city in the last week of June were the US, Canada, Australia, Germany and Sweden, while emerging markets such as South Korea were the fastest growing, in addition to Germany.

Isabelle Pinson, senior director of market management for Northern Europe at Expedia, said: “This is very exciting time for Glasgow which is competing on the world tourism stage in 2014.

“Our data shows [sic] foreign visitors plan and book their trips further in advance, stay longer and are also less likely to cancel – all of which have a direct impact on a hotel’s bottom line.”

Visitors from Sweden booked the furthest in advance for their trip to Glasgow during the last week of June, over 100 days in advance. They were followed by the Germans who booked around two and a half months in advance.

Australians and Americans booked just over 70 days in advance – compared to Britons who booked just 37 days ahead of travelling.

The trend for Glasgow also looks set to continue with Expedia data showing searches for Glasgow in August across Expedia group sites, up 170 percent when compared with the same period last year.

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