Four tips to successfully reopen your hotel after the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected many industries, with the tourism industry being one of the most affected ones. After all, with little to no people travelling around the world, there is barely any money circulating in this particular industry.

Fortunately, as the pandemic is slowly easing its grip, many hotel owners are getting their businesses back on track. With the virus still looming around, however, these hotels must implement methods to create environments where both guests and staff feel perfectly safe.

If you are thinking of restarting your hotel business as soon as the pandemic eases its grip further, then here are four major tips to follow for you to do so safely:

  1. Implement staff protocols

Changes in processes also need to be implemented with your staff, especially with the protocols that your cleaning workers follow. They will start needing to put on protective equipment, such as face masks, face shields, and gloves, whenever they are carrying out their duties. Aside from that they should also be provided with tools and equipment that will allow them to carry out deep clean procedures on floors, beds, and other “high-touch” areas, to ensure that the virus does not go around.

  1. Carry out virtual tours

To increase your foot traffic to restart your business, you can encourage tourists to patronize your hotel by providing virtual tours. You can also highlight the efforts you have made to ensure that your premises are virus-free. This helps your consumers know that you are a great option, especially because you put safety and sanitation as a priority.

By showing off the measures you have taken to keep your hotel safe, as well as the aesthetic and functional upgrades you have done so far, you are able to build trust among your guests. With that trust you let grow, you end up with guests who have no problems coming to you for a safe and comfortable stay.

  1. Run some upgrades

While things are undergoing a bit of downtime, this is your chance to do some upgrades to your facilities. For example, you can install hand sanitizers in different points throughout the property, as well as set-up protective screens around common areas to create an even safer environment.

Meanwhile, you can also do other types of changes to improve the aesthetics of your hotel. This will help your hotel become much more attractive to your potential clients, thus increasing your chances of success when you finally reopen for business.

  1. Keep your guests safe

When your guests do arrive, you have to do your best to ensure they are as safe as possible. You can do this through a variety of methods. For instance, you can hand out free facemasks at the counter or even in their rooms. You can also remove unnecessary amenities that present a possible location for the virus to hide in.

Not only are you helping your guest to stay safe and virus-free, but you are also developing a sense of security with your guests and staff as well. When your audience finds that they feel safe in your hands, they will more likely patronize your hotel business.


By implementing these four tips when you start your hotel business once more, you stand a much higher chance of finding success in such trying times. That said, always remember to keep safety as the priority—after all, regardless of the upgrades and refurbishments you have added, if people find that they do not feel safe on your grounds, then your reopening is doomed to fail!

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