3 Ways to Build a Stronger Brand For Your Hotel – Our Guide

In the hospitality industry, any establishment cannot thrive as much as it should without a carefully planned marketing strategy.

The importance of branding for hotels

Well-known and beloved hotels have become as memorable and popular as they are nowadays because of proper marketing strategies. The right strategies inevitably led to much better word-of-mouth marketing. Even so, with hundreds of properties opening their doors to travellers and the rise of the sharing economy (mainly Airbnb), a robust marketing strategy alone is not enough to stand out all-year-round. That said, proper branding is the crucial component that brings it all together. 

Even the highest-quality establishments can meet obscurity without strong branding. Through the power of branding, you can set your hotel apart from the competitors. 

Seeing the hospitality industry grow even more oversaturated by the day can be quite frustrating (and even frightening at times). However, having a strong brand can help your hotel create a loyal following. 

To ensure that your hotel can navigate the challenges of today’s ever-growing hospitality industry with ease, here are a few branding tips that you can use to draw attention, generate leads, and help it stand out from the crowd: 

  1. Use a strong narrative that resonates with your potential guests

Behind every recognisable brand whose reputation stays strong and relevant for generations is a story that breathes life into its identity that guests can find comfort in. 

By outfitting your hotel’s branding with a strong narrative, you’ll be able to provide potential and current guests alike with more reasons to come back to your establishment. For instance, incorporating your hotel’s rich heritage and cultural significance in your town’s history into your marketing efforts can work wonders for leaving a lasting imprint on any reader’s mind. It also imparts an easy-to-sell aspect of authenticity, which can only be found in a few establishments all over the world.

As opposed to solely focusing on your establishment’s amenities and room features, narratives allow anyone to view your hotel from a sentimental perspective. That can be especially beneficial as consumers are more likely to book based on emotion. 

  1. Never hold back on delivering excellent service 

Running a hotel is all about delivering the highest service excellence and delivering impeccable hospitality. Most guests always gauge whether or not an establishment is worth raving over or not based on those two factors. In addition to a strong and captivating narrative, providing excellent service and hospitality works as brand-building functions on their own as they contribute greatly to the way that consumers see your hotel. 

  1. Create a value-packed loyalty program

One of the most effective, yet overlooked tools that any hotel can use to build an effective brand is the use of a trademark loyalty or reward program. 

At the small expense of a few discounts and free coupons, a value-packed loyalty program can keep guests coming back to your hotel along with even more potential customers that can add to your brand’s appeal—even if they won’t need to spend the night! With a novel loyalty program, you’ll be able to cultivate and nurture a loyal customer base, which can significantly help with building the sense of trust that is associated with your hotel. 

Final words

With a strong brand, you’ll be able to dig even deeper into your hotel’s ability to stand out from the rest of the competition and gain a loyal following that will keep your establishment fully-booked all-year-round. By following the tips mentioned in this article, building an effective brand that will latch itself deep into the minds of your customers can be done in no time! 

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