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OYO outlines operational procedures to prepare independent hotels for reopening

OYO Hotels and Homes has revealed it is rolling out new operational procedures at its independently-owned hotels to prepare them for reopening.

The new procedures will focus on a “minimal-touch experience”, ensuring stringent levels of hygiene and accounting for the ongoing need for social distancing. 

OYO said it will also introduce a ‘Sanitised Stays’ tag that will be displayed on online property descriptions, indicating that staff are fully trained in the new processes and that the hotel has reached a high compliance level in implementing them. 

The brand will also offer reassurance to both guests and hotel staff that their safety and wellbeing is of the utmost importance. 

It said it held a webinar to introduce the new standard operating procedures to its existing partners and a further webinar is being planned which will be open to non-OYO owners facing similar challenges of safely and efficiently reopening in light of the specific considerations associated with operating smaller, independent hotels. 

OYO’s updated operating procedures include: 

  • Excess furniture will be removed from lobby areas to create extra space and discourage guests from using chairs and sofas; and markings will be placed on the floor to enable social distancing

  • Disinfected movables such as room keys and TV remote controls will be presented to guests inside ziplock bags; and bedrooms will also include a supply of polybags to be used by guests for dirty towels and used toiletries

  • Hotel staff are asked to refrain from handling guests’ luggage unless there is a particular need; and lifts should only be shared by one family / the occupants of one room at a time

  • Hotels are being supplied with posters containing important information such as Coronavirus symptoms and correct hand-washing techniques to put on display

  • Property managers are being encouraged to explore new ways of engaging with guests – for instance by video call if there is a repair and maintenance issue to report in the room

  • Upon check-out, guests will be sent an online payment link and asked to settle their bill online rather than by cash or card wherever possible

  • Hotels are asked to maintain stocks of hand sanitiser, masks and disposable gloves for the use of both staff and guests. OYO is supplying a vendor list and negotiating bulk pricing on these items wherever possible  

In addition to these procedures, OYO added it is currently developing the technology for app-based remote check-in.

UK head of business, Rishabh Gupta, said: “Some measures might require the cooperation and goodwill of guests, or go against the hotelier’s natural instinct to aide the guest at every juncture, but we’re sure that everyone will understand that these procedures are being followed for everyone’s wellbeing. 

“OYO and our partners are looking forward to re-opening our hotels as soon as the respective governments permit.” 

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