UK tops European hotel pipeline for June

The UK has topped Europe’s hotel development pipeline in June despite a fall in rooms under contract in Europe compared to the same month last year. 

This is according to new figures from STR Global which found that there are 805 hotels, totalling 130,652 rooms, under contract in Europe, representing a 10.2% decrease in rooms under contract compared with June 2014.

STR said that Europe also reported 54,983 rooms in 341 hotels under construction, which includes projects in the ‘in construction’, ‘final planning’ and ‘planning’ stages – a 7.6% year-over-year decrease.

However, the United Kingdom reported the most rooms under construction with 10,425 rooms in 72 hotels.

Only three other countries reported more than 5,000 rooms under construction, Turkey (8,906 rooms in 51 hotels), Russia (8,554 rooms in 45 hotels) and Germany (6,827 rooms in 41 hotels).

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