London and Edinburgh top destinations for domestic and international travellers

London is the most popular UK destination for travellers, followed closely by Edinburgh, data from Trivago suggests.

Glasgow is the third most popular destination for inbound visitors but comes tenth amongst domestic travellers who prefer seaside locations such as Blackpool and Bournemouth.

The data, based on travellers’ search behaviour, shows that 70.6% of international searches for UK destinations come from just 10 countries: Germany, the US, Italy, Spain, Australia, France, Ireland, Canada, the Netherlands and Sweden.

London accounted for 73.6% of all UK searches.

Australian travellers were shown to be the biggest spenders, clicking on results with an average price per night of £161. American visitors came second with an average price of £152 per night.

The data also showed that the busiest weeks for travel were those beginning 26 June and 31 July, followed by the week beginning 7 August.

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