Looking for freebies and ‘breaking-in’ the bed revealed as top hotel habits

74% of people asked admitted they also take something home from the hotel

New research by has revealed what Britons do first when staying in a hotel with using the toilet, hunting for freebies and ‘breaking-in’ the bed topping the list.

One in five UK adults will use the toilet first when they arrive at their hotel room, whilst one in six admit their priority is hunting for freebies and one in eight prefer to test out the bed with their partner, according to latest research from an online hotel comparison site. polled 2,139 people aged 18 and over from around the UK, all of whom stated that they had stayed in a hotel at least once in the past 12 months, whether in the UK or abroad, in order to determine top hotel habits.

The survey revealed that 78% of people had a routine when arriving at a hotel. Participants were then asked, ‘What is first thing you find yourself doing when you enter your hotel room?’ with the following 10 answers emerging as the most common:

  1.      Use the toilet – 19%
  2.      Hunt for freebies – 15%
  3.      ‘Break-in’ the bed with a partner – 12%
  4.      Connect to the Wi-Fi – 11%
  5.      Dump luggage and go off exploring – 9%
  6.      See what TV channels are available – 7%
  7.      Inspect the room for cleanliness – 6%
  8.      Take a shower – 6%
  9.      Order room service – 5%
  10.       Nap – 4%

Furthermore, 74% of people asked admitted they take something home from the hotel.

The top items to take were ‘shampoo, conditioner and shower gel’ (33%), ‘batteries from the TV remote’ (27%) and ‘refreshments e.g. tea, hot chocolate’ (22%)

A spokesperson for Hotelscan said: “It’s always interesting to see how hotel habits differ from person to person; especially how much importance they place on the hotel itself.

“You might only use your hotel room for sleeping, but you want it to be comfortable, clean and up to your standards. Maybe that’s why so many choose to get frisky before going out and exploring, to check that the bed itself is as comfortable as it looks.”

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