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BrewDog announces new hotel site in Edinburgh

On Twitter, the beer brand’s chief executive James Watt confirmed plans to expand his hotel business to the Scottish capital

BrewDog has announced it will be opening a new hotel in Edinburgh later this year.

James Watt, the brand’s chief executive, confirmed the plans to expand Brewdog’s hotel business to the Scottish capital on Twitter.

Watt said: “Announcing the BrewDog DogHouse Edinburgh. An amazing beer hotel & bar in the heart of Scotland’s capital.

“Expect beer on tap in all the rooms, mini-bars filled with the best beers in the planet & fridges in the shower for shower beers. Opens Q3 2021.”

Currently, Brewdog has three hotels; two in Ohio under its Kennels and Doghouse brands in the USA, and one in Aberdeen, under the Kennels brand.

In addition, plans are underway to open a craft beer hotel in London, with Brewdog being in the search for the ideal location.

The beer brand has recently moved into the hotel marketplace in the UK, with Brewdog starting to take bookings for its latest property in Manchester towards the end of last month.

The Doghouse Manchester hotel includes 18 rooms, a taproom with 30 types of craft beer and a rooftop bar.

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