Bed sheets top guests’ cleanliness concerns

The state of hotel bed sheets is top of the list of hotel guests’ cleanliness concerns, according to a new survey from Miele Professional.

The survey, which was carried out by Atomik Research on 2,018 UK adults, found that over a quarter (26%) of UK hotel guests worry about the cleanliness of the room they are staying in.

Some 60% of those who worry were concerned over the state of the bed sheets, pillows, bed covers and blankets, while 52% said that they didn’t like the thought of items being unhygienic and a further 44% were worried about catching germs from previous users.

The survey also revealed that 90% of people visiting hotels were doing so for pleasure rather than business, and nearly two thirds (62%) listed a big or comfy bed as the top factor that makes them feel most at home, with a good breakfast also being of high importance (41%).

Over a third (39%) of respondents stated that clean, crisp sheets on the bed made them feel most comfortable.

Meanwhile, 55% of respondents list high levels of cleanliness as an influential factor in encouraging them to return to a hotel – the second most influential factor behind competitive pricing (64%).

Some 69% listed an unclean room as the factor most likely to put them off returning to a hotel, with a generally unclean hotel coming in second place (66%) and unfriendly service close behind (54%).

Les Marshall, sales and marketing director, said: “It is evident that hotel guests in the UK expect high standards when it comes to the cleanliness of their hotel rooms and, most importantly, their bed linen.

“Providing pristine laundry for your guests reflects standards of quality that customers are looking for.”

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