How Hop Software can help your hotel

Hotel Owner talks to Sharon Smith from Hop software about how its product can help hotels and the evolution of technology in the hotel sector

Can you tell me about the history of Hop Software?

Hop was born when two Hoteliers Richard and Jon met leading software expert, Ronald back in 2017. Richard and Jon had become frustrated by the PMS software that was available on the market. They found it to be expensive, clunky, and misaligned with the basic processes of running their day-to-day hospitality businesses. What was sparked back then, was a desire to create a reliable, cost effective and a simple Property Management System that delivered and competed with the best.

So what are the main strengths of the software?

The main strengths of Hop, it’s an all-in-one platform that’s exceptional value for money with no hidden costs! Included in the platform; commission FREE Booking Engine, a Channel Manager, great Revenue and Reporting functionality, a CRM, an Events module where the team can manage events from initial inquiry to post event feedback, a comprehensive suite of reports & a calendar to manage all bookings. Hop is cloud based and mobile optimised giving the user full flexibility. Support is provided 365 days per year and together with Integrated payments and options to integrate with other hospitality technology such as Epos, Contactless Kiosks & Door Locks we can provide a solution for all property types.


What evolutions have you seen in the hospitality tech world?

Since Covid, there have been more contactless options. I think that was always on the agenda for the hospitality industry, but covid drove the urgency of the requirement. Contactless apps that enable guests to check in and check out, pay their bills, view property details, find out about local attractions etc have been number one followed by Kiosks. The app’s have replaced the old hotel directory that you would have found on the table or the bedside cabinet.

Contactless kiosks being used has certainly increased, especially in the busier city centre hotels & chains. These eliminate guests queuing for 10-15 minutes to check in and has most definitely been welcomed by the business traveller.

So technology while retaining a personal feel?

Yes, I’m very much a believer in technology, absolutely, but there are certain demographics that don’t want to check in via an app or a kiosk. They want to be able to go to the receptionist and have a conversation, find out about the restaurant and perhaps what to do out and about, so, it’s about getting the balance right with tech and in person for the property style and the guests they attract.

Do you think it’s possible for a hotel to survive without that kind of software in this day and age?

I think people need tech and businesses cannot survive without it. Long gone are the days where hotels manage bookings on an Excel spreadsheet, however I do know of a couple that still do! I think whilst not everybody might want to check in and check out on an app, having the app will allow the guest to make a reservation for dinner, rather than having to call down to the reception, find out what’s on the menu or order room service and well as finding out that what there is to do out and about. It’s also more environmentally friendly as no printing is required so for hotels that are focused on being green and sustainability technology is a must!

How has Hop been able to keep up with the changing nature of technology in the sector?

I think it’s looking at market trends, the needs and demands of the hospitality industry and listening to our clients. We have a great CTO who is one of the founders who ensures we remain agile and innovative in our development.

What separates your offerings from other companies?

An All-Inclusive PMS that’s great value for money at a fixed monthly cost with no hidden fees. Oh, and we won’t be beaten on price either! This combined with exceptional customer service and support, as well as being a company that really does listen to its clients.

What are the greatest challenges for hotels with their management platforms currently?

Escalating costs for the PMS and payment processing as well as not all supporting technology being integrated to the PMS.

What do you hope for the future of hop?

World domination of course! We have ambitious growth plans over the next 3 years plus, with a mix of organic growth, acquisition as well as growing our overseas reseller network. This will see our teams grow providing more job opportunities in our local community as well as the countries we have a direct presence in. We have some great new features and development planned for the PMS so all together it’s exciting times ahead at Hop, of which I am very excited to be a part of and see the growth over the years ahead.

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