One small change to help build brand loyalty

By Mette Herrefoss, marketing manager for Northern Europe at Tetra Pak

In an era where environmental consciousness has become a key driver in consumer choices, businesses are increasingly recognising the value of making sustainable choices – not only in reducing their environmental impact, but also for building stronger customer loyalty. Adopting sustainable practices can be a strategic move in any industry, and especially so for environmentally conscious hoteliers. 

Nearly every hotel room provides water for guests, which is often packaged in single-use plastic. If you think of how many guests are staying in hotels each night, and the amount of plastic bottles that are being used, this number adds up. With many of us trying to reduce our overall plastic usage, it feels a bit jarring to see so much single use plastic being used by hotels. This is something that environmentally conscious hotel guests will be picking up on too.

Small changes with a big impact

A growing trend in the food service sector is drinking water in cartons, as cartons are a more sustainable choice than plastic owing to their composition of renewable materials, when responsibly sourced. Food packaging has traditionally been dominated by single-use plastics and non-recyclable materials, but Tetra Pak is setting a new course with its cartons. Our beverage cartons are fully recyclable, where the proper infrastructure exists, and are, on average, composed of 70% responsibly sourced paper fibre – a renewable resource – and we aspire to make future cartons entirely from renewable or recycled materials. However, our approach goes beyond packaging; it encompasses a range of sustainability pillars, such as food systems, circularity, climate, nature, and social sustainability.

The trend of drinking water in cartons underscores how consumer preferences are shifting towards more sustainable packaging solutions. By choosing cartons over single-use plastic bottles, hotels not only reduce their plastic usage but also demonstrate their commitment to pursuing renewable practices. This aligns with the growing expectations of customers who seek more sustainable options in their products.


The question of plastic usage is a crucial one for hotels. Adopting more sustainable practices does not mean a compromise on practicality or branding. We understand that hotels need a convenient, renewable and recyclable packaging solution. For example, the Tetra Top 500, one of our most popular formats for water, is composed of up to 88% plant-based material, with the ultimate goal that it is fully made from renewable and recycled materials.   

Branding opportunities

In addition, Tetra Pak’s diverse packaging portfolio allows hotels to find a packaging format that aligns with their unique branding. The ability to print on four full panels of a carton offers hotels a significant branding opportunity. Packaging design enables hotels to communicate their stories, values, and ethos to guests effectively, or even provide information about their local area or the history of their establishment – benefits which are clearly highlighted in designs of the European Hotel and the Westbury Hotel, both packed at an award-winning source by Borrisoleigh Bottling Ltd in Ireland.

Making a positive, lasting impact

This may seem a small change, but as many hotel owners know, the average two plastic water bottles in every room that end up in the waste bin, each day, adds up. By making the switch from single-use plastic bottles to cartons, conscious hoteliers can reduce their plastic usage, and take advantage of the opportunity to build brand loyalty through increased branding, with a chance to show guests they are conscientious in their packaging decisions. 

Sustainability is more than a buzzword; it’s also a strategic asset with tangible benefits to an organisation. Hotels that embrace more renewable packaging solutions are not only optimising their packaging choices but also resonating with customers who increasingly make choices based on sustainability. Not only is this better for the planet, but it also builds customer loyalty and creates a positive, lasting impression.

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