How technology can help differentiate hotels from Airbnb

When it comes to an overnight stay, there have been many arguments made which highlight the difference in opinion between hotels and Airbnb – from the traditional comfort of a hotel, to the freedom and authenticity that comes with booking an independent venue.

However, with 76% of UK adults revealing a positive customer experience is more important to them than the actual offering itself, the personal touch that comes with a hotel stay provides a strong opportunity to help them come out on top. So, how can technology play its part?

Effective communication

Messaging and alarm monitoring software works by integrating with equipment and controls, such as fire systems and pool alarms, as well as directing messages between staff through the use of radios, pagers and SMS text. Through the use of this software, hotels can ensure that both staff and technology are communicating efficiently to deliver the best service.

Communication software also integrates with fire alarm systems to ensure guests are never evacuated under false circumstances. When an alarm is triggered, the software alerts the correct member of staff, whether it be the fire warden or maintenance team, and notifies them of the alarm trigger. They then have the opportunity to investigate the authenticity of the alarm before the entire hotel is alerted and evacuated.

Support at the touch of a button

The incorporation of call buttons, which can be placed anywhere in the hotel, allows guests to effortlessly call for service, routing the request to the appropriate staff member.

Their simplicity massively enhances the customer experience by allowing both guests and staff to request what they need with minimal effort, making their stay as smooth as possible, with our latest research revealing that 1 in 3 consumers would be happy to use a call button if they were available.

Round the clock assistance

Without a 24/7 reception desk, constant customer service is difficult to come by in an Airbnb and this has become a factor some travellers can’t live without. By using communication software, hotels can provide all-hour support for guests with minimal effort required.

Innovative technology has the ability to set shift patterns for pagers, radios and DECT phones so that requests are received by the correct team member, even in the middle of the night. Requests made via doorbells and call buttons will never go unanswered, because the system knows exactly which member will be working and when.

Ultimately, guests will choose to stay where they receive the most service for the best value and although some travellers will still choose an Airbnb, there is a greater market who appreciate the distinction of service and the quality which can be provided through the use of communication software.

By Eloise Sheppard, managing director of Call Systems Technology

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