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Today’s news in brief – 15/2/23

KE Hotels has taken over Hotel Indigo Newcastle and initiated a £2m renovation project to enhance guest experiences and redefine the hotel’s standing within the industry and city centre. The refurbishment covers various areas including rooms, reception, lobby, and the adjoining restaurant, aiming to create a homely atmosphere and cater to a diverse audience, from business travellers to weekend visitors. The hotel’s upgrade focuses on community engagement, aiming to become a welcoming hub for both locals and visitors. The restaurant, renamed Social Bird, is also undergoing renovations and will offer a diverse range of dining options. The transformation is set to be completed in Spring 2024.

Andaz London has partnered with Hackney Quest for the #NotMeWe campaign, offering work experience opportunities in hospitality to individuals interested in the field. The hotel aims to inspire community involvement and personal growth, with the partnership extending into mentorship programs. This initiative builds on Andaz London’s previous #BeWhoYouAre campaign, emphasising the importance of authenticity and community support. The partnership with Hackney Quest aims to provide young individuals with opportunities for success and integration into the workforce.

The Savoy’s Restaurant 1890, helmed by executive head chef James Sharp, has been awarded its first Michelin Star. Located in The Savoy Hotel, the restaurant pays homage to chef Georges Auguste Escoffier and represents Ramsay’s third establishment in London. Sharp, who previously worked at Ramsay’s Petrus, expresses gratitude for the team’s effort in achieving this milestone, highlighting their collective contributions to the restaurant’s success.

The Francis Hotel in Bath has been awarded a Gold Green Tourism Award for its commitment to sustainability and community engagement. The hotel’s initiatives include energy conservation, promoting biodiversity, and supporting staff and customer wellbeing. Situated in a World Heritage Site near the River Avon trail, the hotel, originally opened in 1884, continues its legacy of environmental stewardship initiated by its founder, Emily Francis.


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