London revealed as third priciest destination in the world

London has been named as the third priciest destination in the world, according to the third annual TripAdvisor TripIndex Room Service report. 

The report found that on average a club sandwich will set travellers back £15.74, a mini bottle of vodka costs £8.46, a can of cola is £2.77, a packet of peanuts is £4 and the cost of dry cleaning a shirt will cost £6.32. Bottled water was complimentary but would usually cost £3 to £4 in other cities.

Despite this, the report said that it was the cost of the room itself that makes London such an expensive destination compared to other cities around the world. One night’s stay in a four-star hotel costs an average of £184.38 – second behind New York’s average of £233.58.

In total, the combined cost of visiting a hotel in London, including room service, was found to average at £221.67

Sofia was found to be the cheapest destination with a combined cost of a night in a hotel, including room service, coming to an average of £63.78 – more than four times cheaper than at the most costly destination, New York, where combined cost totalled £276.61.

James Kay, TripAdvisor spokesperson, said: “Hotel prices can vary a great deal across destinations – even when comparing like for like amenities – so it pays to shop around to find the best deal. Hotel room rates, for example, can vary between travel agents, so using the price comparison tool on TripAdvisor can be a great way to find and book a good deal.”

Image courtesy of VisitEngland/Diana Jarvis 

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